Psatha Beach with Kalli and Orestis

It is Saturday and my last day in Greece for this time. We woke up to another lovely day.

We had breakfast up at Kallis parents place. Kallis mom had mad some incredibly delicious sardines that we had while we waited for Orestis to come over to our place.

Once Orestis came, we saddled up the car, packed and prepared to leave to Psatha Beach, about 1 hour north of Athens.

Psatha Beach

Psatha Beach, Attica county, Greece

We had a lovely day. The beach was not overcrowded and the water was soooo lovely. What was fancy about this beach is that its all covered by small pebble rocks instead of sand.

The water was clear and warm and we went swimming several times throughout the day. Temperatures were around +32C and not a cloud to be seen.

They had a small beach shop nearby the beach where I went to buy some drinks for us and I found some cute sandals and a beach bag that I also bought.

When we got hungry we started our trip back to Athens. On the way home we stopped at the Ippokampos Restaurant. A lovely seafood Restaurant. Ippokampos means Seahorse.

Orestis, Kalliope and me @ the Ippokampos Restaurant

Orestis, Kalliope and me @ the Ippokampos Restaurant

We had 4 different dishes that were so incredibly good. We got to choose our own fresh squid and it was just delicious ! …

It was such a lovely day.

Once we got home, Kalliopes mom had made the greek speciality Moussaka. A lovely dish. I didnt have the heart to tell her that I was full. I had to try it ! AND … It must be the best Moussaka I have ever tasted !!! Great.

We stayed in talking this night and I spent some of the time packing my suidcases. When Orestis left we went to bed.


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