Greece – Switzerland – Norway

I woke up at 4 am and Kalliope drove me to the airport at so I was there at 4:30 in the morning. My flight was scheduled at 6:30 am and I had to show up 2 hours early at the airport. Kalli and I departed and I checked in and went ot the airport shops to pick up some local olive oils, candy and other stuff I wanted to bring home like saffron and spices.

I was scheduled to fly with Swiss Airlines and we landed in Zurich at 08:30, where I had to check out and travel back to Winterthur to meet Lisa and Fabian where I was allowed to sleep for 2-3 hours. Then we had breakfast. Lovely breakfast !! I repacked my luggage and as time approached my departure time… I prepared to leave again.

From Breite to Winterthur and Winterthur to Zurich Airport. Anni had a flight 5 minuts prior to mine to go to Finland so I had planned to meet Anni and Vince at the airport. As I arrived I texted with them and they told me where to find them. As I approached Vince made a spectacle of himself, playing seal in full public. Hilarious. Just fantastic. It brought on a smile in every face around there.

After a coffee at the airport restaurant, Anni and I checked in and went together to the nordic wing of the airport. My flight with Swiss airlines was scheduled to leave at 16:50 just a few gates down from Anni’s flight that was scheduled to leave at 16:55 so we got to spend as much time as possible together before going to each our gate.

I listened to music and relaxed during the flight and we landed in Oslo at 19:05 and I went home to leave my luggage. After safely arriving at home, I went straight to Torshow where the cat had been on his summerholiday to pick him up. We both went home and it was really nice to be home safe and sound in company of my loved little one. NIIICE to be home !


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