Eragon – The movie

The other day I dropped by a movie store and picked up a copy of Eragon. I hadn’t really heard what it was all about before and didn’t have time to watch it immediately. However today I did and I enjoyed it quite a lot !

Plot (from Wikipedia):
While hunting, Eragon, a 15-year-old farm boy, finds a blue, polished stone in a dangerous mountain range known as “The Spine.” He takes the “stone” to his village, Carvahall, but fails to trade it for food to the village butcher, Sloan.

Eragon then chooses to bring the stone back to his family’s farm (where he lives with his uncle Garrow and cousin Roran) and leaves it aside as a valuable trinket he may help finance his family with.

Traders come through Carvahall as they do every year, though Eragon notices that they appear much more ragged and weary than last year. Eragon and Garrow take the stone to a trader specializing in jewels. The trader explains that Urgals have been migrating and have been causing trouble for people on the road. The jeweler also tells them that the stone is unlike any he has ever seen: it is hollow, harder than diamond, and essentially unique. It is very valuable to some, but he doesn’t know how valuable, and advises Eragon to hold onto the stone until some merchants who will be able to tell him the value come through the village. Near the end of the traders’ stay, Brom (the village storyteller) recounts a tale of how Galbatorix, the evil king, rose to power by slaughtering all of the old order of Dragon Riders.

Soon afterward, Eragon realizes that the “stone” is actually a dragon egg, as it hatches into a dragon. Two mysterious strangers soon appear in Carvahall, inquiring about the egg. His newly-hatched dragon, Saphira, is afraid because her instincts tell her the strangers mean harm, and flees Eragon’s hometown with him for a night, only to return to find his uncle Garrow killed and his farm destroyed. Brom confronts Eragon about the stone and reveals that he is already aware of the entirety of Eragon’s situation, including Saphira and the strangers, revealed to be called the Ra’zac. Brom offers to leave Carvahall with Eragon, to help him track down and kill the Ra’zac. Over some weeks of traveling, Brom teaches Eragon many things about magic, dragons, and sword fighting, all in order to defeat Alagaësia’s tyrant king, Galbatorix, and help him in pursuing his uncle’s killers.

During their travels, Eragon has dreams of an exceptionally beautiful woman being held in a prison. As they painstakingly track down the Ra’zac, Brom dies protecting Eragon in an ambush by them. Murtagh, a mysterious stranger, appears and drives away the Ra’zac. Eragon continues his journey with Murtagh, determined to find the Varden (rebels who oppose Galbatorix). Then Eragon, with the help of Murtagh, rescues an elven woman, Arya (coincidentally the woman of his dreams), who is being tortured by a Shade known as Durza.

Arya remains in a coma, and upon speaking with her telepathically, Eragon discovers that they need to get her to the Varden to receive an antidote for a poison she was given in prison. She gives them directions and they flee to the Varden, who they discover living with the dwarves in the Beor Mountains. In the tunnels of Farthen Dûr – the hollow mountain that houses the city of Tronjheim, base of the Varden and capital of the dwarve country – Durza leads an army of Urgals through the underground tunnels in an attempt to capture Eragon and Saphira. Eragon kills Durza when Arya and Saphira distract him, but gets a horrible scar down his back in the process which leads to frequent debilitating seizures.

Exiting? I sure think so !! And the good news is: There are books !!!! 3 of them until now. I just put through an order on! Now awaiting the mail :D

Watch the trailer on youtube for this movie:

Ed Speelers starrs as Eragon and Rachel Weisz is the voice of Saphira. In other important roles Jeremy Irons starrs as Brom, Sienna Guillory as Arya, John Malkovich as Galbatorix, Garrett Hedlund as Murtagh, Christopher Egan as Roran and Joss Stone starrs as Angela the Herbalist.

More about his movie on IMDB.

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