Raske Menn 2 og 3

For my birthday this year my friend Jorunn S gave me a ticket to join her to see the show Raske menn 2 & 3.

Since then I have very much been looking fwd to this show and a night out with my friend !

We started out with a nice dinner at Mr. Hong, a Mongolian BBQ restaurant in Oslo, and had a great meal. Mr. Hong is a nice place. You choose your own ingredients and then the chef will BBQ them while you watch.

Once we were done at Mr. Hong we strolled down Stortingsgata to the theatre scene where the show was set up. There was a huge queue and lots of other people wanting to see this show. Completely sold out ! AND … with a good reason. The show has recieved LOTS of really good reviews.

Jorunn had made sure we had good seats and a good view over the scene – and man was it FUN ! We had a really great time  with schetches like this one:

World History in 5 minutes (actually translated with english subs)


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