Oslo – Paris – Los Angeles – Norco

This morning I got up very early and headed towards the airport where I had planned to meet my sister and my mother.

We had a flight to the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France at 06:45 and had to be at the airport 2 hours prior to departure. Our flight was a quite nice 2 hour flight and once in Paris we had a 4 hour layover that we spent shopping, had a nice light lunch and some relaxing.

Our next flight was from Paris, Charles de Gaulle, directly to Los Angeles, LAX. It was a long flight of almost 11 hours that was spent to sleep, watch movies and of course talk with eachother and enjoy our meals.

We arrived at Los Angeles LAX at 13.25 and we were picked up by our “brother in law” came to pick us up. He had had morning meetings downtown Los Angeles, but now he had finished up for the day and we were all greeted very warmly. Temperatures were lovely and the sun was shining from a cloud free sky.

We drove off from Los Angeles towards Norco and Dionne and the girls. The drive is about 1,5 hours from LAX and we made a short stop at a groceries store to pick up some groceries for dinner.

Then finally we arrived home at Dionne and Greggsters house where we were showered in hugs from Dionne, the girls and Vanessa (the nanny and family friend). It felt so great to finally arrive after the long journey. We played with the kids, spent time catching up, went for a swim in the swimming pool, enjoyed outdoors time and watched the sunset before having dinner together all of us.

At 9:30 pm I was dead tired and went to bed.


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