Norco to LA

Another relaxing morning. Late breakfast. Family spending time together.

Dionne and Gregg has been looking at houses lately just for fun. Not necessarily for moving, but just in case they should find something better than what they have (and because the real estate market is quite good now after the financial crisis) and so they wanted us to join to look at a few prospects. That was quite fun and we got to see some mighty beautiful houses that day.

Later on we went shopping at bath and bodyworks. Mom and Ingrid broght those back to the house and they left me at the train station in Anaheim so I could go to Los Angeles where I had planned to meet up with my friend Marco. My sister and My mom left with Gregg to Las Vegas where he was going for a few days for work.

Marco picked me up after work at Union Station and we went out for dinner. A lovely Vietnamese place close to his place. It was a really delicious and very nice to see my friend again as well.

Back home the whole family was at home and it was really nice to see them again as well!


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