Los Angeles – Hollywood & Santa Monica Beach

I woke up early to go downtown LA with Marco when he left for work.

He left me in North Hollywood and I took the metro down to Hollywood where I spent hours walking around, taking pictures and just enjoying a lovely morning.

During the day I had a very nice time and at 1 pm I was picked up by my friend Alex Go and we drove over to Santa Monca Beach. However first he took me on a sightseeing around Los Angeles. We went through Beverly Hills and the exclusive shopping streets and then we ended up in Santa Monica where we parked the car and went out for a stroll.

Christmas decorated streets :D

Christmas Tree and Dinosaurs.

After we had walked around for a while we got ourselves a  late lunch that we brought with us to a park with the overview of the whole beach and beach area.

Me and Alex.

Santa Monica Pier

After lunch Alex had to leave me and go back to work, but I decided to  keep exploring Santa Monica beach for a little while and then take the bus back to Union Station (it took me 1 hour!!!!) where Marco picked me up to go back to his place.

We stopped at one of his favourite Thai restaurant for dinner. Awesome food !

Then at home we sat down with his family for a nice conversation before going to bed.


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