Los Angeles – Breakfast in Chinatown & strolling down Olvera Street

This morning Marco gave me a ride downtown to Union Station where I was scheduled to meet up with my mom and sister and go to Universal Studios to spend the day having fun there!

I brought all my stuff with me as I was coming with mom and sis back to Norco again and I paid to store the luggage at Union Station with the Amtrak luggage care for the day.

Then, at 7:30 am I was done with my chores and I went for a walk: I knew china town was just around the corner and wanted to have a closer look. Mamma and Ingrid were not going to arrive until 10:30 and I needed to kill 3 hours until they would get here.

I arrived just as the sun was was rising high enough on the sky to light up the orange lanterns that were hanging all over Chinatown. It was thoroughly beautiful!

The stores in Chinatown didn’t open until 8 am and I had to wait until the stores were open, but then I went into a bakery where I got myself a lovely breakfast and sat down outside in the morning sun enjoying my food.

Being in Chinatown this morning made me feel like I was very, very far away from Los Angeles and in a completely different continent. It was a spaced out experience and I am quite certain my breakfast contained no funny ingredients.

But it was a lovely breakfast and a lovely time in Chinatown.

Once I was done with breakfast and walking around in Chinatown I left and headed towards Olvera Street to have a look at this amazing mexican market street.

Olvera street is said to be the biggest mexican market place in the world and it was really cool there.

I even found a few presents for friends back home and just enjoyed walking around looking at the stuff they had in the stores there.

This was a very nice morning, but suddenly my time was up and I had to rush back to Union Station to meet up with my sister and my mom for the next post on the program.


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