Universal Studios

After my morning in Chinatown and Olvera street I met my mom and my sister at Union station and we went to get the metro up to Universal Studios.

Our entrance passes were 65 usd each, but the good thing is that it was a day-pass and … it is valid as a 2010 year pass as well.

We started out with some lunch in one of the restaurants and looking at the program and the overview map of the Theme park. We decided to sign up for a 2 hour guided round trip around the park that would start at 2 pm. Then we started walking around in the park. At first we tried out the attractions on the upper level and mom joined us for the Simpsons ride, where my yellow favourites go to  Krustyland and we join them 4D in their adventures. It was awesome !!

Me in front of the Kwik E-mart. Unfortunately I did not find Apu there.

Krustyland ! :D

After Krustyland and the Simsons ride we went down to the lower levels where we took the Jurassic park water slide and the Revenge of the Mummy ride.

At 2 pm we joined a Studio tour of the whole Universal Studios premises to see different scenes from film sets, production areas and storages of film props and such. It was really cool to see all these places where these films I have enjoyed so much was filmed :D

Bates Hotel – Psyco

Amity – Jaws

We also stopped by the sets of War of the Worlds, Desperate House wives, Fast and Furious and much, much more. It was an amazing tour and we all had a lot of fun. At 6pm we started moving towards Union Station again where I had to pick up my luggage and where we had agreed to meet Gregg and his friend Brian that would pick us up so that they could give us a ride back home.

Back home Dionne had cooked a lovely meal for us that we all enjoyed together and we had a lovely time.

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