Beach in San Diego, Lunch in Tijuana, Dinner in Norco

We woke up early this morning and had breakfast together with Brian, Dionne and Gregg before we left for adventures.

Brian was driving down to San Diego for a medical check and we went with him to visit San Diego and its areas.

Once we arrived in San Diego Brian left us at a gorgeous beach, before he headed for the doctors apointment, where we went swimming, tanning and looking at the cute surfer boys! We were let off at Torrey Pines and headed down to the beach by a terrible beach trail. To the right we could enter Black Beach, which is a nude beach, which neither of us were especially interested in. However to the left we had all the surfers so we decided to look at them play in the water.

Beach Trail down to Black Beach

The Beach was gorgeous!

Brian came to pic us up again after the medical visit and then we drove down to Tijuana in Mexico. Actually we left the car just at the border and crossed into Mexico on foot.

Welcome to Tijuana. Tequila. Sexo. Marihuana.

Me, Mom and my sister in Tijuana.

City ruins

Lunch. Mom, Ingrid, Brian and myself.

We were even entertained by a Mariachi band for lunch.

After lunch in Tijuana Brian took us back to San Diego where he left us at the Greyhound bus station where we met my friend Carissas parents. I had promised to bring her home some christmas gifts and presents from them because she is considering celebrating Christmas in Norway. And anyways if she won’t be able to come up to see me, its a lot cheaper to send the stuff within Europe than from the US. Mom got us tickets and then we just had to line up and board the bus to get home.

Gregg came to pick us up at the bus station and when we got home Dionne and Gregg made us dinner and then we had a relaxing evening with them.

Another great day in California!


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