Flying high over Camarillo

My sister and I was so fortunate for Gregg Senior to take us out for a ride today. Not an ordinary ride, but an airplane ride! In his own, homebuildt airplane!

We set off from the hotel this morning to Gregg Sr and Jans home where Gregg Sr took us to the airport where he stores his airplane.

Ingrid was first one out to sit down in the plane and go on the first trip as the plane was so small that we would not fit the three of us at the same time.

A proud but happy girl.

Upside down? Hehehe. A thrilling experience.

I spent the time reading in the sun while they were in the air, but when they came down and it was my turn I was thrilled to get my share of the fun.

Gregg Sr helping me into the plane

Adjusted with all the necessary equipment.

In the air

Camarillo/Ventura from the air.

The ride was awesome. I have never been in a small plane before and Gregg Sr even had me drive the plane for a while. That was scary. I was afraid of taking her down and crashing, but we managed quite well under my command :D

We were up in the air for about 30 minutes which was totally amazing.

When we landed we packed up and went back to the house where we met up with the others and started our next step of the program. The Black Friday Shopping!

Thanks to Gregg Sr for one of the coolest experiences on this trip !


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