Todays big plan was to celebrate the babyshower of baby Jocelyn, expected by Trisha and Brent (Greggs brother).

We had a lovely breakfast at the hotel and then we packed everything into the car and we took off to Trisha and Brents house where we had promised to help prepare everything for the babyshower.

We helped blowing up balloons, set up decorations, prepare food, set up the tables and prepare everything else that was necessary to get the place ready in time for the guests to arrive.

All the family was there. It was really nice. Lots of friends of the coming partents arrived as well

Zara playing in the garden

Mamma and Jan with Maya

Trisha watching a video recording from a friend that was not able to participate in the babyshower.

Gifts on display

Dionne making sure we were all fed with cake :D

We all had a nice time and we enjoyed spending just another day with the family before we had to head back to Norco again.

On our way back to Norco we made a stop in Fullerton where I hopped off to spend a night visiting Alexandra, a Couchsurfer that I first met in London and that I later hosted in Oslo at her grandparents house.

But since it was still the Thanksgiving weekend I was greeted by her whole family that were all really really nice and took good care of me!

It was very nice to see Alexandra again, to get to know her cousins and her whole family :D


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