Last day in Norco with the family

We enjoyed a lovely morning with breakfast in the garden, swimming and tanning and just relaxing and playing with the kids.

Weather was beautiful. 25 Celcius degrees. We even started up the jacuzzi :D

Mom and Dionne by the pool. For a local 25 C apparently isnt too impressive :D

Mom, sis and me decided that we wanted to do some shopping while Dionne was working and we decided to go to the Ontario Mills Mall. There we walked around for a few hours shopping gifts and some last stuff to bring home. Good thing I brought an extra suitcase :D

On our way home from the Mall we took some time to drive around and look at the christmas decorations that had been put up just the past few days in the neighbourhood.

Well at home we had dinner with Dionne and then we packed, repacked and repacked again. Wow, but with a real effort we all managed to pack everything into the suitcases we had brought and within the weight limits.

All set to return home then.


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