Norco – Los Angeles – Schipol – Oslo

This morning we woke up early to pack the last stuff. We had breakfast, then we packed, repacked, packed and repacked again. In the end we had packed it all in suitcases and none of them were overweight. I, of course, had 2 extra suitcases that I had to pay for.

Vanessas husband came to pick us up at 10 am and we packed all the luggage into the van and set off for a 1,5 hours drive to the airport in Los Angeles, LAX.

At the airport I had to pay extra for the 2 luggages I had of overweight, but that still cost me a LOT less than postage and stamps would have cost me. One of the airport employees was wondering what I had done in the US since I had so much luggage after such a short visit to the country – and I told him that I was supporting the US economy. Which is exactly what I have done.

The LAX airport shopping at the gates where we had our flight from did not exactly have a huge variety of shopping options. Hence we didn’t get to do too much shopping at the airport, but boarding the plane I was forced to check one of my hand luggages as I had two. They were really keen on me paying for it, but my mom told them I had not checked more than one luggage – hence I was allowed to check it without paying any more for the overweight.

At the airplane we enjoyed a 12 hour flight to Amsterdam, sleeping, watching movies and making new friends like Steve and Seth from California on their way to Austria for a skiing holiday.

From Schipol we flew to Norway where we arrived after nightfall and it was cold. After 25 C degrees in California for 2 weeks…. snow is not my fav thing.

We even had to scrape the ice off the car :(

Mom and sis drove me home and my friends had dropped of the cats so that my welcome comittee was there to greet me :D It was awesome to see them again :D

The journey has been fantastic. Thanks to my travel mates and our family members in California that have taken good care of us while we were visiting!


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