The Mortal Instruments – City of Ashes

City of Ashes is the second book in the Mortal Instrument series that I started reading just a few days ago. It is highly exiting and

Clary Fray starts to wish for her life to go back to normal. But her life is far from it, as a demonslaying Shadowhunter.

The story starts with a brief scene of Valentine who has paid a warlock to summon the Demon of Fear who kills the warlock. Valentine raised the Mortal Cup which gives him absolute power over the Greater Demon. Then it cuts to Clary whose mother still hasn’t woken up from coma, and she is living at Luke’s house.

Simon gets sick, which makes Clary startled and then he kisses her in the kitchen, and later calls her his girlfriend. Jace is sent from home by Alec’s parents. He goes to a bar and picks a fight with a werewolf pack, after it is revealed that there was a were child slain in the alley way. Jace was asked to help, and he had seemed indifferent of the situation, causing the pack to attack. Luke later saves him and calls Clary. The three of them go to the Institute and confront Alec’s mother (Maryse) who explains that the Inquisitor is coming to talk with Jace and she was trying to spare him. Clary goes back home to Luke’s with Simon and he stays over. She gets up to go fix herself up in the bathroom when she received a text message from Isabelle. When the Inquisitor arrived to Institute, Jace, using his so-called charm, angers the Inquisitor and she locks him in the Silent City.

That night, sitting in the cell of the Silent City, Jace hears the screams of the Silent Brothers as something is attacking everyone. He finds out that Valentine kills the Silent Brothers to get the Soul-Sword (Second of the Mortal Instruments). Clary comes to the Institute where Isabelle and Alec explain that Jace was thrown in the prison. A distress call goes out to the Institute from the Silent City, but the adult Shadowhunters were called to the park where a Faerie Child was killed and were not available at the moment.

Isabelle and Alec decide to go find Jace and Clary tags along to go to save Jace, since she is the only person who knows the entrance. They discover all of the brothers have been killed, locate Jace, and when they emerge, they see a group of shadowhunters (including Maryse and the Inquisitor). The Inquisitor believes that Jace might have had a hand in the killing because the Soul-Sword is the only instrument to use against the Shadowhunter to prove if he is lying or telling the truth. Then Magnus Bane appears offering his apartment to take Jace as a prisoner. Later on, Alec, Clary and Simon goes to Magnus’ apartment to visit Jace and found out about Valentine’s possible plans

They go to The Fairy Realm and Clary was told to stay as she was tricked into taking fairy food. However, the Queen said that “the kiss the girl most desires” will allow Clary to leave, leading Clary to kiss Jace in front of the whole Court. Simon storms off when they leave the realm. Clary, Jace and Isabelle go back to the Institution taking advantage that no one is in there. Clary and Jace have a fight about each other feelings and the fact that they are siblings in Jace’s room.

Later Raphael shows up at the Institute with Simon dying in his arms, with the only choice left for him to become a vampire. Raphael explained that Simon believed that he was already turning into a vampire because he had bitten Raphael in rat form during City of Bones. Because he entered on his own free will, he was considered “free game” and was drained and also given vampire blood. They bury his dead body in a Jewish cemetery, as requested by Clary, and Simon is reborn. After this Clary had ignored Jace as a punishment to herself because she feels guilty about Simon. Clary and Simon meets at Luke’s house and talk about if whether Simon is going to tell his mother about his new condition, when Luke brings Maia who has been hurt.

Luke goes outside after helping Maia saying he can’t do much and need a warlock. Simon and Clary call Jace to tell them about the incident, and appears moments later with Alec and Magnus. While Magnus is healing Maia, Jace, Simon, and Clary get involve in a fight outside with demons and find Luke injured. They bring him inside the house and Magnus heals him too. Jace says he knows Magnus is dating a friend of his, making Alec nervous and making it seem he is the one dating Magnus.

At Clary’s room Jace tells her that he wishes he could hate her. They go after the demons and that night Jace goes to visit Valentine (his father) on a boat in the river. The Inquisitor shows up the next morning and claims Jace was with Valentine and plans to threaten Jace’s life unless Valentine returns the Mortal Instruments. She places him in a magically electrified cell in the training room of the institute, and tells him that she is going to trade his life for the Mortal Instruments. He tries to explain to her that it will not work, but she does not believe him. At this time, Maia leaves Luke’s apartment to travel to see Simon because she wanted to apologize to him for the names she called him after she was attacked and she realized that he was a vampire. On the way, she is attacked by the Demon of Fear, which she interprets as her older brother who tortured her while he was still alive. Valentine kidnaps her shortly afterward.

Later, Luke and Clary realize Maia is missing, as she had left a note stating that she was going to make amends. Clary realizes that she means Simon, and calls Simon even though it is daytime. He answers and tells her that Maia never made it to the house, and then hears someone breaking in. Clary and Luke jump into the car to go rescue him but Valentine finds him before they can get there in time. Later Alec convinces Jace to find a way out, and suggests he should escape the cell by leaping out of the cage (which only has four walls). There, he calls Clary and she reveals that Simon and Maia were captured by Valentine. He tells her to bring Luke to the Institute, and wait outside for him. Jace tells Alec to call Magnus because he, Clary and Luke are going to need him.

He then escapes through Isabelle’s window and waits at the roof of the institute. Luke and Clary arrive at the Institute and Clary sees Jace jump from the roof and land safely on the ground. It is revealed that this is the ability of the Angel given to Jace by Valentine. Clary discovers that she can create new runes (her ability of the angel) including the rune “fearlessness”. Simon and Maia are currently alive on the boat when Valentine arrives. He then precedes to throw silver dust on Maia, hurting her. He then tells Simon he is going to kill him, and asks him if he has any last words. Simon replies, “Clary,” and Valentine proceeds to slash his neck. Jace finds Simon dead and feeds him his blood to return him to life.

Later on Jace fights a demon which he is sure he cannot win and the Inquisitor appears and sees the star shaped scar Jaces has. She then kills the demon for Jace and dies leaving Jace very puzzled. Clary confronts Valentine on the boat and she draws the an “open” rune she created which tears the boat apart. Clary falls into the river, but is saved by the group by being pulled onto a truck enchanted by Magnus to “drive” on water. While they are on the truck, the sun begins to rise, creating a deadly problem for Simon, who is also on the truck. Simon and Clary share a moment, believing he is about to die but, miraculously, he doesn’t: a permanent side effect caused from ingesting Jace’s blood, making him a “Daylighter”. Later on Clary and Jace talk and he tells her that he will be and act as her brother from then on. A devastated Clary then meets a woman named Madeleine who tells Clary that she knows a way to wake her mother.

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Cassandra Clare

Disclaimer: The text for this synopsis has been copied off the Wikipedia site for the Mortal Instruments series.


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