The Mortal Instruments – City of Glass

City of Glass is the third book in the Mortal instrument series. I am lucky because once I have started reading a series – I crave to continue and I am completely thrilled to sit down and read. So why am I lucky? Because I had the 3 first books at hand when I started reading and didn’t have to wait for the next ones to get published!

Disclaimer: The text below is borrowed from the wikipedia site about the book.

As the Lightwoods, Jace and Clary prepare to leave for Alicante, the Institute is attacked by Forsaken, forcing the others to leave without Clary, and take Simon with them. While the others meet up with Aline and her cousin Sebastian, Clary, stranded in New York, creates her own Portal to the city and travels there with Luke. They arrive in Lake Lyn, where the cursed water makes Clary ill, and Luke takes her to his sister Amatis to recover. Alec is ordered to bring Simon to the new Inquisitor, who wishes to know why a Downworlder is in Alicante. Under the ruse that Simon is being sent home, the Clave secretly interrogate and imprison him.

Clary sneaks out to visit the Lightwoods, but argues with Jace and storms out. After leaving, Clary meets Sebastian, and tells him about her mother’s coma and her need to find the warlock Ragnor Fell. Sebastian takes her to Ragnor’s house, but Ragnor is dead and Magnus is there in his place. Magnus temporarily freezes Sebastian so that he cannot hear and tells Clary to bring him a spell book from the Wayland country home, and she convinces Jace to take her there. Together, they find Valentine’s underground lab, where a dying angel tells them that Jace was imbued with demon blood. After the manor falls apart, the two roll down the large hill, sharing a kiss on the way down. Jace tells her that he is truly part-demon, because he loves his sister in a romantic way. Clary, angry, (though was previously enjoying herself) shoves Jace off of her. They trek back to the city in silence, only to find the Towers burning up in flames.

Meanwhile, Valentine gives the Clave until midnight the next day to surrender; if they do not, he will kill every Shadowhunter left. He kills the Inquisitor before leaving. Jace comes to meet Clary in her room at Amatis’s where they talk and Jace tells Clary that he loves her. Clary’s mother arrives, woken from her coma, and they argue, Clary being angry that her mother lied to her her whole life about being a Shadowhunter and having a brother. Clary storms out, and goes to a hill where Simon finds her. From there they see the Clave preparing to surrender. Clary remembers a rune the dying angel showed her, which can be used to bind a Downworlder and a Shadowhunter so that they share each others’ powers and she also knows a partner rune. She tells the Clave, and Shadowhunters and Downworlders begin bonding, including Alec and Magnus, who reveal that they have been having a relationship.

Jocelyn tells Clary that Clary can create new runes, and also that Sebastian(Jonathan), not Jace, is the brother who was given demon blood. Jace is not Clary’s brother, but he was given angel blood, like Clary, so he has abilities to make him a more skilled fighter. Meanwhile, Raphael agrees with the Clave that the vampires will fight if the Clave give them Simon; Simon agrees, but first Clary marks him with the first Mark ever made: the Mark of Cain. Raphael cannot kill Simon as he plans to as it will rebound on him seven-fold, although this means Simon will have to fight in the coming battle. Jace, after following Sebastian across the country to a cave, overhears Valentine and Sebastian talking, and learns that Valentine plans to summon Raziel at Lake Lyn. After Valentine leaves, the two boys fight, and Sebastian tells Jace that he is Clary’s brother, not Jace. Sebastian almost kills Jace, but Isabelle arrives to help Jace kill Sebastian, though his body is never recovered after it falls in the water, so they assumed he was dead. Also, Isabelle confirms that Jace is not Clary’s brother.

Clary travels by portal to Lake Lyn to stop Valentine from summoning Raziel but is knocked out on the way. Valentine binds and silences her with runes, then tries to kill her. Valentine then stabs Jace while Clary watches, killing him. The Angel Raziel appears, kills Valentine for all of his actions, and tells Clary she can be granted any one wish. After briefly thinking about her choice, she chooses to bring Jace back from the dead. She gets to finally tell him to his face that they are not in fact brother and sister and that he doesn’t have demon blood in him, and they share a long-awaited kiss.

About a day later, the Shadowhunter’s prepare for the funeral of all of their fallen, including Max Lightwood (killed by Sebastian/Jonathan), and Valentine. Jace watches from a near-by hill, to depressed to actually attend. Meanwhile, Clary finally accepts she is a true Shadowhunter by blood, and puts on someone’s old Shadowhunting gear, symbolizing her readiness to become a true warrior.

The book ends with all of the remaining main and recurring characters sitting in Alicante at a party, watching a fireworks show, which Clary thinks look like falling angels, while in the arms of Jace.

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Cassandra Clare


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