Time to travel again

HI. You may have wondered where I went or what happened to me since I stopped blogging?
Well, answer is simple; I got cought up by work and frankly – not all days have been exiting enough to blog about.

What has happened since last I blogged? Quite some news actually.
Ill probably bore you all with all the facts and the details so Ill just spare you for them :D

However YES there finally is something to blog about.

I am on the lookout for a flat for myself and my lovely little furred creature (the cat, people, the cat!!! silly dirty minded readers!!! I know you thought about something else) hoping to be able to move during fall season.

However the buying flat project will now be set on hold for a while, 2 months in fact, unless I can get someone else to go look at the flat for me and bid unseen. Im likely to do that too :D
The two months break. Yeah I know. Not all of you know about this but most do.

IM LEAVING !! YAY :D Travelling awaits me. Ill spend my vacation in Arizona and California this year. Now you are thinking; 2 monhts? darn.. Norway is a good country to live in if they give you 2 months of vacation!
Its not as fantastic as it sounds like. Its actually not fantastic at all. Norway does get 25 days of holiday each year and compared to lots of other countries that is fantastic. Im only going to spend about 15 of these holiday days while on this travel. So this leaves you with a question. 2 months travel – 15 days holiday. It doesnt add up. And dont worry you dont suck in math… I dont either for that sake..
Im going to spend 4,5 of the weeks of my travel working so mystery solved. :D

First part of the travel – Im flying in to Arizona tomorrow night (Arizona time) and Ill stay in Phoenix for 1 week. Ill be spending this time with my friend Amanda and hanging out with her while working daytime. We will find something nice to do for the weekend.

Next stop is going to be Tucson, Arizona where Ill visit Denise. A nice couchsurfer that takes me in for the week so that I can work from Aker Metals office in Tucson, Arizona.
WE will be spent in Los Angele, CA then back to Arizona and holiday begins :D YAY

Im spending one more week with Amanda and ending up at the awesome Wigwam Resort hotel.
im sooo exited. YAY
Arizona wont disappoint – How can it when its hot AND sunny? I mean.. Thats enough to rock anyones world :D

On June 22nd Ill fly over to Los Angeles (again) but this time Ill stay there :D
Ill meet up with Alexandra, Marco and possibly Steve for the next week and july 2nd Ill travel down to San Diego to stay with Carissa and her parents.
11-19 July Im planning to visit Dionne and family in Norco before Im ending up in LA with Marco to fly home on 21 july.

Sounds great huh? I know. So mixing business and pleasures … it rocks.
And I thank the Gods for being in such a lucky postition to be able to travel, to be allowed to travel and to have a boss that lets me work from home. I appreciate all of this higher than you can imagine!!

As for the preparations, Im almost done packing so Im planning to go to the movies tonight with Jorunn S and see Precious. I know its long since released both in US and Norway but I didnt get myself down there yet and its probably soon going to be taken off the program :D
Cat was delivered safely with Jorunn E and Atle at Viubråtan. It gets rougher and rougher to leave him though. I love that little creature :D

So people, Im ready, ready for adventure and new experiences and old and new friends.
Im ready to eat rattle snake meat and get fried under the sun of Arizona and Im ready to fly.
(No, I did not smoke my socks last night)

Ciao for today. Ill update you soon again :D


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