Short stopover in New York

Ok Im not in the actual city of New York, it just sounded good. Im at the Newark airport EWR. Im just bragging. Hihihi. I know peeps at home. Eurovision song Contest is on tonight, but.. sorry. much more action 0ver here:

However since last I blogged I have managed to comply with quite a few tasks.

I first spent an hour after the last blog post to pack. However when leaving for 7,5 weeks theres quite a few things that need to go with you so it takes time :D At 5ish I left for an apartment showing. It was a great flat and Im gonna bid for it, but Im probably gonna get screwed over by some other OBOS member with longer seniority than myself again.

Directly from that I went to the city to meet Jorunn S to see Precious at the movies.
Amazing movie (but also, it didnt win all those awards for nothing!), but its a hard movie to watch as its impossible to remain untouched watching Precious being abused by her parents in numerous ways: Strong, but painfully honest and fantastic movie.
See trailer here.

After the movie Jorunn and me went for a stroll at Aker Brygge, but it was way chilly to stay outside so we escaped to a Burger King restaurant for a drink and talks.

When I got home around 11 I had to continue packing and after my first suitcase weighing I had 33 kgs of stuff in the suitcase, ergo, some serious overweight issues for that suitcase. I had to take it on a hefty diet. Worked well, about 30 minutes later I had slimmed it about 7 kgs, which is still not enough but its a great start. At 1:30 AM I had to go to bed as I was overdue on nappy time :D

Unfortunately I woke up a bit too early this morning, but as each time Im going on a long travel and need to catch a plane I sleep lighter than normal hence wake up earlier as well.
I did some more repacking and managed to get the suitcase down to 23,3 kgs which is doable (Continenetal limits are 23 pr suitcase). For the rest of the stuff I fought heavily to get it all into the hand luggage which results in that one weighing 25 kgs now, but as long as they dont weigh hand luggage I’m saved :D

The folks that owns the flat I went to look at yesterday told me there is an airport bus stop right next to the trainstation I use every day for work (as the flat is right next to the trainstation too) however I never knew about it so today I had to try that one.

I was at the airport in good time and well prepared for all the security questions Continental employees always keep asking. All documents neatly saved, printed and sorted in a nice travel folder. No problemo!
During the flight I managed to watch 2 other movies I had wanted to see for a while along with one I already had seen plus start reading the fourth book of one of my new book addictions, Vampire Academy – Blood Promise.


Up in the Air
Cute film about how the eternal bachelor realizes that life alone is not so funny after all :D

Phantom of the opera
HA! with Gerard Butler !! ME LIKE :D

which of course reminds me of the Nightwish version

Shutter Island
This movie had me incredibly impressed by Leonardo di Caprios acting. This is where he proves to me that he is an artist and not just an actor. I loved it.

and that was pretty much what i had time for during my trip to to New York. Right now Im waiting at gate 107 where my next flight to Phoenix is leaving from in 45 minutes.
Will blog again tonight (before Ill go to bed) to let you know that I arriced in Phoenix safe and sound.

Catch you later.


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