SUN, Swimming Pool, Buffalo Burgers and Chili Beer

Chili Beer

Chili Beer

sunny.gifToday we probably had +37C, but the air humidity has been very low so the temperature does not feel bad at all. Right now at night time we are at +33C and its fantastic. Not a cloud to be seen at all.

First time I woke up this morning was 4:25am and I read some, checked my emails and organized my suitcase. I mean sort all the stuff so i can easily find back to it without necessarily making too much mess in Amandas apartment. Amanda came out to check on me as she woke up and we spoke for a while before we both went back to bed. I slept until 9:30 and while still tired I decided that it was time to get up so I read some in my book and had papaya for breakfast. A huge Papaya :D !!! Well it was so huge I wasnt even able to eat the whole fruit by myself.. I only had half of it :D I love real papayas instead of the jokes they call papaya back home.
As I was preparing this Amanda woke up and we spent a few hours relaxing indoors before we went to the pool.

It was sooo great, warm and nice. Talking, swimming, tanning, enjoying the sun and reading. I finished “Blood Promise” (Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead) and now have to get the next one in the series. Talking about vampires, Im in her city, my fav writer for the moment; Stephenie Meyer! Thats pretty amazing. Too bad I cant find any signs of her doing book signings or similar. That would rock too much to be able to meet Stephenie.

For dinner Amanda cooked Buffalo Burgers for me, so I have officially tried Buffalo meat for the first time! It was delicious! Totally delicious. I also got to taste a Chili Beer. The Chili Beer had a fantastic hot taste. Far from too hot, not too mild, but perfect. It was a total star! I loved it.
After dinner we watched a TV show on the comedian Dane Cook: It was hilarious!

Here an example on his humour:

We also watched a program about El Bulli that makes amazing, fascinating food. Expensive but you get served about 32 dishes in one night and amazing dishes too :D I would totally go there. Location Spain. Note to self; look into booking table for next year :D

Good morning, good day, good evening & good night..


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