Mexican Ranch Market

sunny.gif Today we probably had +37C, but the air humidity is down to 10% so its very comfortable. Not a cloud in sight.

I woke up 4:15 to finish off my workday in good time to enjoy my day other than inside in a flat working.
I had papaya and yoghurt for breakfast. I love the yoghurts they have in the states. Banana cream pie, white chocolate/strawberry, apple turnover and so on .. Quite enjoyable.
At 12:30 I went to the pool where I spent a good 4 hours reading, swimming and enjoying the sun. I am using a good sunblock, however I got a tiny sunburn on my back, just in the area where its really difficult to apply tanning lotion on yourself between the shoulders. Well.. who cares. Its not a bad sunburn but Ill spend tomorrow not allowing the back to be in the sun.

When I got in from the sun Amanda and I watched Valentines day :

For dinner Amanda took me to the Phoenix Mexican Ranch Market.

That was sooo awesome. The cutest pastries and bakeware. Whatever you could wish for, the coolest potatochips.

Green chile flavoured tortilla chips. Whatever frijoles you may like, Tons of Tortillas and such likes. Snacks and the famous Chili beer that I spoke of yesterday :D

They also had a restaurant there and thats where we had our birria de res and taco plate for dinner.

To accompany our hot mexican dinners, we had natural fruit juices. My favourites.

I had papaya (like that was a huge shock to people) and Amanda watermelon juice.

On our way home Amanda took me for a drive around the city. Its a beautiful city but Im amazed as there are hardly any skyscrapers in Phoenix at all. Of course – dont think that there are none at all. Of course there are some really high buildings, just not as many as one is used to seeing in other cities around the world. :D

Night time came early. not sleeping much during my travel and then going to bed late and getting up early is not exactly the best medisin to get enough sleep :D


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