Peanut Butter Chocolate Milkshake? Whats that all about?

sunny.gifToday we were up to +37C again. In the morning not a single cloud in sight, but during the afternoon a few spread clouds here and there. Morning air humidity 10% but got down to 0% in the afternoon. At night we had some clouds.

I was up at I spent the morning working. Its quite nice to be able to wake up at around 4 am and when Im done its still no later than 1 pm and I can go out and enjoy the day.

While I was working Amanda watched TV (I had my back to it and headphones on) but every once in a while I got a flicker of it… One interesting fact on the news was that peanut butter chocolate milkshake has so many calories in it that you have to eat 68 (SIXTYEIGHT) strips of bacon to get the same amount of saturated fat. I mean thats sick enough, but hey.. who the h*** got the idea to make a milkshake out of peanut butter and chocolate anyways? Even I have limits…. I mean chocolate spread and peanut butter is ok on the bread but in a milkshake? Too weird !

I also spoke of my sunburn with one of my american colleagues and he told me to check out this site for Environmental working groups sunscreen tests. Thats where you can read that only 8% of the sunscreens on the american market are good enough to get recommended.

Of course my favourite brand Hawaiian Tropic is recommended to stay away from due to content of oxybenzone and vitamin A.and hight content of allergycausing ingredients. So.. Ill go get a few new tanning lotions then, but of the recommended brands.

Its a fact, its too cold for me inside with aircondition on at 21C. Its far below my comfort temperature that is 27-28C However we found a solution :D Amanda sits inside, I sit outside on the veranda and then we have easy access to eachother, but I dont freeze and she dont melt :D
So, until the table is moved outside I found another solution. The apartment complex here has several swimming pools and the one closest to the reception has perfectly well functioning wireless!!! YAY That rocks.
So my office for the day was under an unbrella in the shadow by the pool… oh life is enjoyable!

When the workday ended Amanda had an appointment with the physio therapist and she dropped me off the mall. I walked around and found 2 nice shirts at Lane Bryant. Not bad for a 3 hour trip to the mall. Who knew I could be so controlled ? Hehehe.

For Dinner Amanda took me to Chino Bandido. Now, whats so special about Chino Bandido? It’s a Mexican Chinese Caribbean combo restaurant. You find caribbean and mexican food with a chineese twist. It was soooo delicious :D
I had 2 different dishes in my combo.

  • Chile Relleno (Fresh Anaheim Chile stuffed withtwo kinds of cheese, crispy breaded exterior)
  • Jade Red Chricken (Lightly coated, deep fried chicken glazed with slightly spicy sweet sauce. Different and habit-forming)
    My Jade Red Chicken was wrapped in Tortilla. Of course there was rice and cuban style black beans !! Yummy :D

The principal of doggy bags are great … Far too much food. The good news… Ill have for breakfast tomorrow :D

On our way home we stopped at Target for some shopping. I got a few things for my baby sister, but apart from that didnt buy much.. I need to freight it over to California before Im going home so got to be careful with the amounts of purchase :D

I was soo tired when I got home though. Right off to bed :D Im not made for too little sleep, but i dont want to waste any of that beautiful daylight either :D

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