Kierland Commons shopping

sunny.gifToday we were up to +37C again. Weather predictions tell us that we will only go up from here. +42C for the weekend :D Im in heaven. Air humidity 10%. At night a few scattered clouds.

Today I woke up pretty late. 5am. Latest until now during my stay.
I started working right away, but compared to the other days I was a lot more tired as I didnt sleep too well last night due to a terrible tummy pain. However as I got some breakfast the pain went away and I felt a lot better.

Amanda woke up and joined me in the living room around 10 and as soon as I finished the workday we left for her physiotherapy session. She dropped me off at the Kierland Commons shopping Centre.

It is a truly beautiful centre. Not a Mall where all stores are inside the same building, but a collection of fancy stores with a beautiful outside area with palms in front of the houses and gorgeous floral decorations. It was a bit to high-maintenance pricey for me so I didnt actually buy much but I got a few small items among a new book for my reading in the sun enjoyment, and a few tiny kitchen items (corn holders, ice cube maker and baking spatulas). However I was mostly impressed by the gorgeous outside and enjoying the sun.

On our way home we stopped at Frys and picked up dinner for tonight. It was my show today and we had gorgeous salmon, baked eggplant with jarlsberg cheese, baked sweet potatoes and tomatoes :D YUMMY.

After dinner Amanda went to CostCo while I spent some time reading by the pool. Its sooo nice to be able to sit outside in the warm weather.

I also found out today that an old school friend of mine, Gerd, lives in Tempe, Arizona and thats really close to Phoenix so I wrote to her and let her know Im in Phoenix and we organized to meet for lunch tomorrow ! That will be great!

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