Meeting with an old school friend in Phoenix

sunny.gifUp to 38 today. 10% but got down to 0% in the afternoon. We had a few light nice clouds scattered here and there.

Who would have known how incredibly small the world is ? Here I go to Arizona in US to visit a friend I have met through Couchsurfing and I find through Facebook an old schoolfriend, well she is not old seeing she is my age, that I only remember lives in USA but have no idea where in the US that she lives just 30 minutes from where I am visiting my friend.

Im so amazed. I met Gerd (that I shared 9 years in school with) for a late lunch today and it was so nice. We have probably not met since 1992 and suddenly we are stationed only 30 minutes away. She came to pick me up at the apartment complex where Amanda lives by Shadow Mountain.

Picture%20059.jpgWe went down to the Paradise Valley Mall area and found a nice Pizzeria there.

It has been over 15 years since last I met Gerd and we had a lot of catching up to do.

Gerd and I spent 9 years in school together and I always remembered here as a nice girl, but we lost contact due to different paths in life and I am very happy to be able to meet her again now.

After lunch, Gerd took me to the Sports Authority store and I got myself a pair of Nike shoes :D YAY. SO much cheaper than at home :D
Thank you Gerd for picking me up and taking me home and for the enjoyable company :D

When I got home, Amanda was feeling really sick so she wanted to sleep. I went to the swimming pool to read and enjoy the daylight. It was soo good to stay out with these wonderful temperatures and enough light to read. I love reading ! I love loosing myself in a fantasy world :D

When it was time to go home, Amanda was not there. I figured she either had got to the store to pick up some stuff or she had gotten sicker. Unfortunately she was really sick and had had to go to the doctors. Amanda – Get well!!!


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