The Wild side – Phoenix Zoo

sunny.gifToday we were down to +42C. Morning air humidity 10% but got down to 0% in the afternoon. Not a cloud in sight all day.

I woke up this morning and the blues was all gone… Nah. I really didnt feel blue but I was just reminded about this old song “All the blues are written for you” by Celine Dion when I started writing and got into it. Why should i be blue, I mean its hot, sunny and beautiful outside and it was Zoo day today. Amanda still felt quite sick (although thankfully she got better during the day) so I decided I had to make it to the Zoo even if I would have to go alone.
Amanda searched up the bus schedules for me and shipped me off to the Paradise Valley Mall where I could take the bus.

Today was a first for a few thigns. Taking the buses in Phoenix. Admitting that it may have been a bit hot during the day, EVEN for me. Sweet potato fries instead of regular fries.. Great. Cool. i love trying new things.

As for the bus system as long as Amanda left me at the bus station there was great communication to the zoo, but i would have not wanted to walk there. Its a looong walk.

Animal life is everywhere, not just in the actual Zoo

I took the 44 bus (44th to University) up to the 44th street and Van Buren intersection where I changed to bus 3 the let me off outside thePhoenix Zoo entrance.

However today were issued excessive heat warnings with temperatures over +42C. However considering how low the air humidity is (0%) after midday… it doesnt feel warmer than +39C. No matter how hot it feels, I have not often been in temperatures like this but I like. However my masacra didnt like.It was so hot that on my way to the zoo my make-up (mascara) started melting. I had to take it off! Which was rather easy. It peeled off like nothing.

I dont know how I can love such a heat so much, when its clearly even making even dead things suffer… yikes !

Phoenix Zoo

As for my trip to the Zoo I loved it. I generally love spending time in different Zoos and if there is a good big Zoo I try to go there (Until now I have been to London Zoo, Houston Zoo, San Diego Wild animal park (that is far better than any Zoo), Norway Zoo and several others + Wildlife refugee parks, National parks and other huge parks with nature and animals :D = countless).

A beatiful flower

I spent 4 hours walking around. For breakfast I had water, for lunch I had water and fried sweet potatoes / fried chicken, for middle meal I had water and ice cream… i know sounds like a sweet life but its difficult to feel hunger when your body is so busy keeping the system cool. Im really happy I brought my tanning lotion cause else I would have gotten a sunburn, however I absolutely positively think Im safe now moving over from SPF50 to SPF30. Ill move over to 15 soon enough and then…. THEN… yeah.. I am getting a tan :D

Rhino resting in the sun

A Cheetah walking in the shadows

When I left the Zoo in bus 3 from the Zoo to the 44th / Van Buren Intersection, I had miscalculated the time and I had to wait for almost 1 hour for the next bus to take me from 44th toParadise Valley Mall . I listened to good music and arrived in good time. I spent 30 minutes shopping 1 shorts, 2 shirts and 1 bikini before Amanda picked me up at 5pm.

When I got home Amanda wanted to relax some more and I went to the swimming pool. WOW it felt good to wash off all the dust and sand after todays walks in the Zoo with sandals only. Desert sand is nice to walk on no matter how hot it is (if you have shoes on – if not you burn).
I also spent some time reading and swimming more and reading more before I went home and Amanda and I watched TV before bedtime.

Its still amazingly hot so aircondition runs constantly. Even now at 11:30pm its +34C outside. The lowest temps we have been predicted are on +28C between 4 and 6AM. YAY :D


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