Driving through Apache Land

sunny.gifAnother excessive heat warning was issued. Or what I like to call now.. Another melt the make-up day. Hehe. Temps around +44C (111F) and air humidity at 10%. A few clouds here and there.

I woke up late, the latest until now during my stay. 8:30am. Almost getting into the time zone now. At least Im not waking up at 4 any more.

Denise called to let me know she wanted to pick me up in Phoenix and take me the scenic drive down to Tucson, which I am ever thankful for! and I spent the morning organizing my packing into the Los Angeles Suitcase and the Arizona Suitcase. What can go directly to Los Angeles and what need to stay in Arizona. I wont have too much time to pack for Los Angeles when I get back from Tucson.

At 2 pm Denise arrived and I was all settled and ready to go so I hopped in and we took off :D
(Pre-story here: Denise is my Couchsurfing host in Tucson and although we have never met before we have exchange emails and been in touch over skype).
Immediately I found that Denise is a very interesting and enjoyable person. We spoke of anything and everything and although the trip was long, it passed as if nothing.

Denise allowed several stops during the trip for me to take pictures. Our first stop was in Superior for lunch. We had Mexican food and boy was it good !!
Superior is a small copper mining town just about 1 hour outside of Phoenix.

We continued through the mountains of the Sonoran Desert , through the towns of Miami, Claypool, Globe, Dudleyville, Mammoth, Oracle, Catalina, Oro Valley until we arrived safely in Tucson.

We had a stop at the beautiful Besh Ba Gowah Archeological Museum where I got to take lots of beautiful pictures of flowering cacti and ruins.

Denise told me history and interesting facts about the places we drove past. Most of the cities were copper mining towns that were largely populated, but many are moving away from the cities now for the big towns instead.

Between Globe and Dudleyville Denis told me that this is Apache Land. Not that we saw any Apaches.

As we got home to Denise’s house, a friend of hers – Lizard was waiting for us. Lizard is a motorbiking friend of Denise and she was a tough ,but dressed with a cute red rhinestone bandana. Dont get me wrong… She had a lot more clothes on than that! Its just that that bandana made it real cool :D
The three of us went out to meet Luis. Luis is a Mexican that lives at Denises house with his wife and 4 kids. Denise had used his car to take the 3 youngest kids to Mexico where she had also bought dog medicine for Lizards dog so we met Luis to get the medicine.

After that I was pretty dead meat and went to bed :D


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