First day in Tucson, Arizona

sunny.gifTemperatures are still high but they are not as high as during the weekend. We are at +42C today. Morning air humidity 10% but got down to 0% in the afternoon. Not a cloud in sight all day.

I got up at 7 and had slept sooooo well last night. My bed is just a luxury!
I was greeted by 5 happy dogs and a beautiful sunny morning and a cheery Denise. Her property is gorgeous. Lots of cacti, Animals (chickens and a horse in addition to the previously mentioned) flowers and its good and spacious with a great view.

Denise’s house in the Tucson Mountains :D

We left for work at 8am and Denise drove me right up to my office building. 333 Wetmore Road where I was shown up in 6th floor to the receptionist waiting for Jerwin Garcia that is my contact here in Tucson.
Aker Metals and Aker Industrial Contractors are located here in Tucson.
I waited for Jerwin to get out of a meeting for about an hour and then he showed me around in the buidling finding me a place to sit and get organized.

Aker Solutions offices in Tucson.

I had quite a busy workday, but for lunch break I went to Tucson Mall that is right next door to the office building. Ok not to lie but there is a bus station between the buildings. I had Honey Glaced chicken and rice for lunch. Yummy. For dessert a Cinnabon bun. They are soooo good.
That was practically the only food I got until 9pm so I didnt feel too bad about it :D

I was on such a roll for work that I didnt manage to get out until 8pm so all of that day passed without sun and outdoors (except for the trip to the mall :D )

Luis and his wife had cooked a delicious Mexican Soup for dinner and we had tortillas with cheese inside as a side order. YUMMY.
These people are all so nice. I always am very humbled when people take me in and take good care of me :D


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