Tucson Sunsets & Architechtures

sunny.gifTemperatures have lowered quite a bit and that may be a good thing. That excessive heat was hot. From 44 we have gone to a high 40C. I mean.. its still hot, just not THAT hot. Almost no clouds to be seen in the morning whereas in the afternoon we had a few good ones, helping out making the sunset fantastic !!!

Another workday and today I spent it exploring the area around my office. There is a Wal-mart and a Annas Linnen and lots of other nice stores. I got myself a few new shorts at WalMart during my luchbreak, as well as a bikini for my sister Linda and stamps to prepare postcards for sending off to friends and family in Norway.

Denise picked me up from work at 4:30 and then we went for her office so that she could show me where she worked. At the office she showed me lots of beautiful pictures of her place down in Mexico as well as pictures of her friends and family.

For dinner we went to el Guero Canelo for a Sammy Dog. It was a great Hot Dog. Its 2 Hot Dogs wrapped in a bun with beans, bacon, mustard, mayo and several other ingredients. It was great.

After that we went to the restaurant of one of Denises customers at San Carlos Grill and we had Flan for dessert. MAN I really have to learn how to cook good Flan.

In good time for the sunset, Denise took me up to the Sonoran Desert Museum area and at a mirador up there we were able to watch the sun set over the desert. It was so beautiful.

After the sunset was over she took me down to the houses in old Phoenix where she showed me around in the old city. There were beautiful houses and beautiful places. We ended up the trip with a visit to her friend Penny. Penny lives in one of the old houses and it was so gorgeous. She is an artist and she has handpainted all the walls with batique patterns that she has invented herself. She also showed us around the whole house, insides and outsides. It was such a gorgeous house. Penny also makes beads so she took us into her workroom where she had all the finished beads.

We were home late and in time for going to bed.


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