Cheesecake Factory with Heather

sunny.gifTemperatures were down to +37C today. No air humidity and no clouds in sight.

Denise gave me and Barbara a ride to work this morning and I was in the office in good time this morning. I had a meeting with Norway and for lunch I went over to the Tucson Mall. When I got back I was in such a deep concentration that when Heather came to pick me up I though we were far from the meeting time. It did of course not help that my clock had stopped and I thought it was 1pm instead of 4pm. I had to ask my colleagues about the time and was quite shocked when it was time to leave. No complaints though. My day just passed soooo fast.

I met Heather on the outside of the office and we took off to the Mall of Tucson where we walked around for 2 hours. I met Heather on a Twilight Fan website and since we are both going to the Twilight Convention in Phoenix we wanted to meet prior to the convention so that we would know someone there.
Meeting Heather was great. She is a nice and interesting girl and I enjoyed her company a lot. The two hours at the mall passed like a hummingbird speeding by your face. We went to the Cheesecake factory for dinner and we had fantastic food.
Mine was Honeyglaced chicken and I loved it. Boy was it good. For dessert we had cheesecake. I had a white chocolate / Rasberry chocolate cake and it was soooo gooood.
Heather was great company and after dinner we went home to her place to exchange New Moon trading cards. I got to meet her whole family including the two step daughters that will also be going to the convention. Nice.

She took me home to Denises flat and Lizard was there with Denise so I got to see her again before I left Tucson.
Denises two Chihuahuas Uno and Pia were with us, they are sooo cute. Pia has learned how to climb Denises legs to jump up to her lap and they are sooo spoiled its cute and funny :D

When Lizard left I had to spend some time packing before going to bed as tomorrow is my last day in Tucson.


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