Rattlesnakes and fry bread on the menu

sunny.gifTemps are down to +35C today. Feels neat !
Some clouds could be spotted throughout the day.

Denise brought me in early at work today and I had a hectic day to try to finish up as much as possible before the end of the day as I am entering my first week of the holidays now.

The end of the day came way to fast and suddenly it was time to leave as Denise came to pick me up. We picked up Barbara from her work and went home. On the way home we drove past first one and then another honeysellers of the local honey they have here in Arizona. I got one cactus honey, 1 mesquite, 1 orange blossom and 1 Summerhoney with mesquite and cactus and flowers. Awesome. Thats gonna be sooo good :D

Heavy weight but who cares :D

About 6pm Denise took me to the bus station where I cought the shuttle to the airport in Phoenix where Amanda came to pick me up :D
I read a huge amount of my book Spirit Bound in the Vampire Academy Series as well. Its a really good book!

We drove directly from there to meet her parents and brother at the Rustlers Rooste Restaurant where they treated us to dinner :D

On the menu:

Amandas parents are so nice, just like her. Not because they treated us to dinner, but because they have an aura of kindness to them and they are really really nice to be around :D The restaurant was awesome. They had a live country band playing for us (and the other guests) and a gorgeous view as the restaurant was located on top of a hill :D

Rattlesnake :D

My lovely host Amanda and her Mom.

It sure was a great day and a great night :D THANK YOU Amanda and Parents :D


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