The Twilight Saga Eclipse Convention – Day 3

cloudy.gifYet another day of cold California weather. Yikes. Ok. Its really not that cold when you come to think about it but the difference From Arizona is HUGE.
We are in out +76F/+23C today in LA. Compared to the 40 we have had in Arizona, I am happy I have warm clothes with me. It was completely cloudy.

I woke up this morning and Sarah and I spent some time reading and just relaxing before we prepared to go back to the convention. Evelyn and Belinda came to pick us up and we went to Borders to check out for new twilight gear before we went back to the convention.
Evelyn and Belinda dropped us off at the convention because Sarah had a photo op with Sundays guests.

Todays programme:
Theathre Events
11:30 AM Hilliwood Show Open
11:55 AM BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater)


12:30 PM Twilight Lexicon Panel – Tales from the red carpet
12:35 PM Photo Ops with BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater)
13:00 PM Twilight Scene It Presents the Twilight Saga YES / NO Trivia Game
13:30 PM Justine Waschberger (Gianna)


14:10 PM Twilight Saga Facebook
14:15 PM Sunday Guests Photo Ops
14:40 PM Stage Reset
14:45 PM Justine Waschberger Photo Op
15:10 PM Twilight No Minimum Bid Auction
15:45 PM Tyson Houseman (Quil Atera)


16:30 PM Clips from Past twilight Convention tour stops
16:35 PM Tyson Houseman Photo Ops
17:00 PM The costume Competition
17:35 PM Sunday Autograph Session (Justine Waschberger and Tyson Houseman)
19:30 PM – 22:00 PM Cullen Crest B Patrons Gala Volturi Vampire Ball

So Sarah and I walked around in the vendors room then listened in on a few of the Theatre events.
I participated to the YES / NO trivia game and came second, but unfortunately 2nd didnt give me a price.
Evelyn and Belinda came back and we went over to sit with them.

I was picked up by the SuperShuttle at 3:30 to go to the airport and 3 other twilighters were also going home from the Convention so we could still talk lots for the next hour on our way to the airport. One of the girls is also going to the Phoenix Convention.

At the airport I got to know a nice girl that sat next to me living in Los Angeles but on her way to San Francisco for the week. She was great company. When she cought her flight I found a nice Las Vegan studying in Los Angeles on his way to Phoenix to visit family. Time came to board the plane and I found a nice article about Puppies being trained behind bars to become service dogs. It was a great idea considering the inmates have the time in the world to train the dogs.

When I got home Amanda picked me up at the airport and once at home she made me Tacos. Amanda is a fantastic host and I am enjoying my time with her so much !
Thank you Amanda!

Needless to say – Early night after the weekends exitement !


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