Winners Luck

sunny.gifTemperatures are still high but they are not as high as during the weekend. We are at +42C today. Morning air humidity 10% but got down to 0% in the afternoon. Not a cloud in sight all day.

I woke up 9 am and that was sooo good. I have been really exhausted after the weekend, but now catching up. I spent the whole day working despite my intended-to-have-vacation day.

However for lunch I participated in a competition to win tickets for the official Billy Burke record release party Are you ready to be removed?. Billy Burke is the actor that plays Bellas father in The twilight Saga.

It all started out with me signing up to the Billy Burke website fanlist some months ago. Billy released his first song, his first movie and then now he will release a whole album of songs during this party next week. So I have been at this fanlist updates for a while and yesterday he announced that the 30 first people to reply to an email he would send today would win tickets to a concert downtown LA in Hollywood !!! So today between the specified hours he had given, I was waiting and I had a draft ready to ship as soon as I got the mail. I shipped it off within 10 seconds of recieving the email and then I had to wait.

So I finished off my workday and then Amanda and I went to the swimming pool for a few hours. Its really nice to be able to go to the swimming pool when its this hot outside! We read, talked and enjoyed the nice day until Amanda went home earlier and left me there as I wanted to stay out longer. When the sun prepared to go down I went home too and guess what.

I WON the competition. I am now officially on the guestlist of a Hollywood party. I can bring one guest !! :D I love it !

Amanda made us chicken and baked potato with Spinach for dinner. It was delicious. We watched a travel program about Borneo after that before going to sleep.


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