Shadow Mountain

sunny.gifToday we had another cloudfree day with temps up to +42C (106F). 0% air humidity. Gorgeous sunny weather.

So I woke up and did some packing and then spent a while working before I went to the pool. That tan is starting to come on now !! :D YAY I got a few new books now and the one I started reading today is called Devil may cry. It seems highly promising up until now.

So, close to Amandas place there is a tiny mountain called the Shadow mountain. Well, compared to our Norwegian mountains back home its not much more than a hill, but who cares.
So, today I decided that I was going to climb that mountain. I got water and set off. Its not even a 10 minute walk from Amandas house to the foot of the mountain, so I got there fast enough. As I climbed up it was so nice. Sun was burning – and I dont mean as it did earlier during the day when i was at the swimming pool – it BURNED. I was stashed on water and drank till I was as full as I could be, but I mean it was sooo hot.

I can handle the heat when I walk calmly. I can handle the heat strolling for a day in the zoo, but climbing up that mountain was the weirdest thing I have tried for a long while. I tried hard, but the heat really got to me. The first hill was ok, but at a certain height I almost fainted. Eyes went black and all. I stepped down a few steps and got better and with some time i was all good, so I tried going up again, slower this time. I made it to the top with this slow walk while I drank my fair share of worlds water reservoirs. I started the highest mountain and reaching the same height I had the same experience. Blackening in front of the eyes, dizzy. I tried babysteps. 5 steps up and rest, 5 steps up and rest. I had to give up. I didnt want to but I had to. I would have fainted. So I lowered and walked around on the other trails. I had no problems. I tried walking up again. Same hints of almost fainting and blackening spots behind my eyes.

Im not sure if it was the heat or the altitude (which is not that high up anyways) but the heat was def part of it. I mean.. who other than a raving lunie Norwegian would get the idea that its smart to climb a mountain in +42 (106F) C?
Even the desert queen (myself) had to admit that it was a bit hot in Arizona today.

The rest of the water I emptied over my head, then went home and changed into swimsuit and went to the pool again. Not to worry. I did not spend the rest of my afternoon in the sun. I simply jumped into the pool and stayed there until I got cold enough!
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon in the shadow talking to all these people that came for a swim.

When I got home Amanda had gotten us a nice last evening dinner to have together and dessert and it was so nice of her. Then we watched the movie

When in Rome

Man. That Josh Duhamel is some HOTTIE :D


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