Twilight Convention – Phoenix, Arizona – Day 1

sunny.gifIt was a fantastic day today. We had +40C and gorgeous sun from clear sky.
No complaints about the weather to be made :D

I woke up and was a bit sad because it was my last morning with Amanda and its always sad to leave good friends, however I was also incredibly exited to go to the Twilight convention and see my idols and my new friends Heather and her kids + Katrina again.
But before that, Amanda got the happy message that SHE GOT A JOB today !! I am sooo happy for her! She lost her job just some days before I was scheduled to arrive so we got to spend a lot of time together, but it was always with the knowledge that she just lost her job, so i am soo exited that i got to be there with her when she found out ! :D

When we had eaten breakfast and I had packed every single last piece of my belongings, Amanda took me to the WigWam Resort. We stopped to get food for the weekend and then got ourselves over to the hotel and checked in and registered for the convention :D

Fridays Program:
9 am to 11:45 am: VENDORS ROOM Set-Up/Vendors Only
Noon to 1pm: GOLD WEEKEND PATRONS Pre-Registration: not a necessity, just a convenience. Get your credentials, schedules and first crack at souvenirs.
Noon to 6 pm: VENDORS ROOM Open
1pm to 1:30 pm: PREFERRED WEEKEND Patrons Pre-Registration: not a necessity, just a convenience. Get your credentials, schedules and souvenirs.
1:30 pm to 6 pm: Registration Open for All
1:30 pm to 7pm: Theatre Open


2:00 pm HILLYWOOD SHOW Welcome & screening of the extended version of NEW MOON Parody

2:45 pm TWILIGHT LEXICON PANEL: Our great friends from the worlds number one Twilight fan site offer up the first of their fun panels. The Real Forks: a video driving tour through Forks and La Push and a Q&A about the town.

3:20 pm TWILIGHT SCENE-IT presents the YES/NO TRIVIA COMPETITION: Be in the audience for your chance to win $1750 in gift certificates by showing off your knowledge of all things Twilight! WINNERS also become members of Saturday Nights Vampire Court, receive a professional make-over, gifts from Scene-It, and a cool celebrity surprise!


3:55 pm PETER FACINELLI (Dr. Carlisle Cullen)

5:10 pm THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Electronic Press Kit Footage, Part One

5:20 pm PHOTO OPS with Peter Facinelli.

5:40 pm The HILLYWOOD SHOW Cast on how they produced their two parody films and what their future plans are!

Note that vendors room closes at 6pm, please make sure you have a photo or souvenir for Peter to sign (you can of course bring something from home)

Special performance by popular songstress Candace Charee

I made it in time for the YES/NO trivia game at 3:20 and then participated to the program after that.

Katarina was seated on front row and Heather a few rows back to me so they were fairly easy to find.

The Peter Facinelli Panel was awesome ! He is as gorgeous as he looks in Nurse Jackie. See also Sho Entertainments Nurse Jackie Official site .
Few facts: Peter is married to Jennie Garth that played Kelly Taylor on the new FOX series Beverly Hills 90210. They have 3 kids together.
Peter was good sport with all the fans and we got pictures and autographs.

Heather and the kids took me to have dinner outside the hotel area (hotel was very expensive) and we had italian food at a nearby restaurant :D

When we got back I joined the Friday night Karaoke concert with Peter Facinelli and Candace Charee :D (she is one of the possible singers signed up for Breaking Dawn soundtrack).

It was hilarious and I hung out with Katarina and her sister and Kat and I were singing (read: howling) in on all the songs :D It was so much fun :D

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