Exploring Tempe, with Gerd and Audun

sunny.gifAnother fantastic day. Im starting to rethink this whole living in Norway thing. Arizona is great. Great temperatures. We had +42C again and not a cloud in sight – AGAIN:D 0% air humidity. Gorgeous day :D

I woke up around 9am and got up to talk with Audun and Gerd before starting the day.

Gerd made a delicious omelet for breakfast and when her work appointment showed up for their meeting I took off on Gerds bike :D Gerd had made me a map and I had no problems finding the city, the post office and eventually the mall. I stopped everywhere and took pictures.

Tempe is a great city. Lots of action and life and yet seemingly so quiet and relaxed :D
The bike ride was great and I stopped all over Tempe picking up a few gifts for home, some stuff for me and then I continued biking to the river and then I followed the river to the Tempe Mall where I spent some hours looking in stores all over.

Gerd came to meet me for lunch and we ate at CHIPOTLES. Man, I love Chipotles :D Its sooo good !

We stopped at Target before going home and once at home we washed some clothes, relaxed in the garden and just chilled.

When Audun got home from work we went to walk the dogs at a nearby mountain and Gerd tought me how to use the camera for taking sunset pictures with a long shutter time. The pictures turned out great as you can see over. :D

When at home we made pasta and then we had dinner out in the garden. It was soo good :D A fantastic night and great company!


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