Billy Burke Removed Record Release party at the House of Blues in Hollywood

sunny.gifGreat temperatures today. As usual +42C and not a cloud in sight :D 0% air humidity. Gorgeous day :D

I woke up early and packed my stuff and played with Gerd and Auduns dogs.
Audun had to go to Tucson today so he said goodbye before he took off for work and for breakfast Gerd took me to John and Jimmys sandwitch bar and then we went to the post office to ship my catch from Target yesterday.
That was easily 15 pounds, but it was not as expensive as I would have thought it to be so that was good news :D
After that we drove around to find Tapioca seeds and we ended up at the Whole Foods market. They had Tapioca seeds but not black ones that I am searching for. However I will find them somewhere :D

Then Gerd and I went home again and I had a shower before Gerd took me to the airport early.

Good thing she did though because my flight was cancelled !!!! EEEEK. I totally panicked thinking of the Billy Burke concert and the appointment with Libbi.
THANKFULLY I was very early for my flight and the personnel booked me on the flight 1 hour before my original flight and everything was solved for the best ! Things obviously worked out so much better today than I would have thought, I think I was meant to go to that concert :D
Not only winning the tickets, but also because I was allowed to bring a friend.

I picked up a few souvenirs, went through security and sat down to wait for my flight. Nothing interesting happend neither there nor during the flight and I was even lucky with the suttle services too. One came just a few minutes after I got out of the airport. We picked up passengers from all the terminals. Even the traffic wasnt too bad and I checked in at Hollywood and Highland Hostel and Hotels in good time before the concert and I checked in and got myself over to the Hollywood House of Blues to meet Libbi :D I met Libbi at the Twilight Convention last weekend in Los Angeles.

When we met up we realized that there was people nicely dressed up everywhere and we were like… OhOh.. we are like totally underdressed. Eeeks.

Thankfully… We were not. Those overdressed people were participating at a different event in the first floor. Turned out… Billy Burkes record release party was in the Foundation room up in the third floor ! Woohooo :D We are game.
I would have thought that it was a huge event but in reality it turned out to be a rather exclusive party. Only 100 guests whereof 30 fans + their friends and the rest of the crowd was Billys friends and family. His father was there, his lovely wife, Pollyanna Rose, was there and of course camera folks, managers and the band. :D

One of the smallest concerts I have been to but also one of the nicest.
After the concert Billy handed out CDs and signed them for those interested. We were also handed out CDs on our exit.

It was a wonderful evening and I enjoyed every single moment of it. When I got back to the hostel I watched some lame TV shows until I had processed the great night and was ready for sleeping.

And yes if you recognize Billys face – its only because you have probably seen him as Bella Swans dad in The Twiligh Saga movies :D


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