I own an apartment !!!! and I spent the day celebrating in Universal Studios, LA

sunny.gifWe had a fantastic California day today. The temperatures were in the +25C degrees. Hot enough and nice and comfortable during daytime :D Smog in the morning, but really nice the rest of the day and no clouds throughout the day.

I woke up at Hollywood and Highland after a night of not too much sleep. Lets admit it, not all hostel beds are high quality soft and nice and the one I slept in last night, certainly was not.

I shared room with 2 other girls but they didnt wake up early enough and I was dying to call home. They finally woke up and I called my broker at home.
The thing is: I told you earlier that I have bid on a flat. This flat is owned by a cooperative; OBOS. A cooperative that allows members with a longer membership seniority than the person that buys the flat. What does this mean? It means if I put in a bid for a flat and I am the winning bidder, after I won the bid its put up for showings and takings for all the members of the coop with a longer seniority than me. This means that even after I won the bidding round, I can loose it.

Today was the day that the deadline for the purchase on option to buy expired and finally I found out that noone used their seniority to snap the place right in front of my nose just because they have a longer membership than me in OBOS.

So, the good news for those that didn’t get it yet.
I am stoked and happy and after having booked the room for another night (tonight Ill have it by myself) I went to Universal Studios so that I could celebrate the purchase of the new flat ! :D

I cant express well enough how happy I am about the apartment / the flat.

I spent some time walking up and down Hollywood Boulevard taking pictures and enjoying the morning before I took the metro to Universal Studios where I called my Mom and Dad to tell them about the good news :D

I spent most of my day in Universal Studios taking pictures and riding the Jurassic park water slide. However I did also try out the simpsons 4D rollercoaster ride, the Mummy ride and I went to the House of Horrors and watched the Waterworld show.
I had so much fun I was totally soaked after riding the Jurassic park water slide so many times that I had to dry off in the sun. Haha. I loved my day at Universal Studios.

I was back at the hostel at 6pm and spent the evening listening to the Billy Burke album and catching up on email, uploading pictures, editing pictures and writing entries in my blog.
It was so nice to spend a quiet evening by myself.


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