The Norwegain Sailors Church in San Pedro, Los Angeles

sunny.gifSunny, beautiful cloudfree day. The temperatures were in the +26C degrees. Nice and comfortable :D Smog until midday, but the rest of the day no clouds and blue sky.

I got up early and finished off some more paperwork and preparations for the day. Todays schedule was to visit the Norwegian Sailors Church in San Pedro, Los Angeles.
No reason to think that I’ve gone all religious on you by now (not that there is anything wrong about being religious), but I needed to send a signed example the purchase contract to my broker and I need to send a copy of my identification signed by two fellow norwegians and with an officially approved by the Norwegian government stamp of original copy of the ID. Easily explained… I wont find that anywhere in Los Angeles so I needed to seek out other Norwegians.

They didnt open until 11 am and I had check out of my hostel room before 10 so I checked out and went down to Union Station to store my luggage there until I would be picked up by Marco after work. Of course when I got to Union Station I wasnt allowed to store my luggage there as I didnt have a train ticket, so what do we do? I couldnt just leave my luggage unattended and I wasnt about to drag it all over town. I mean Los Angeles is not a tiny city ! so I got a ticket. The cheapest, nearest ticket was to Fullerton but at least I would be able to store the luggage safely the whole day and that was more important than any price of a train ticket.

From Union Station I took the Silver Line bus to Artesia Transit Centre and from there I took bus 247 to San Pedro and hopped off at 7th street / South Beacon St and from there I walked the rest of the way to the Church.
They have a gorgeous view over the harbour and I took a few good pictures :D

Inside they were sooo nice. I got waffles and tea and they sold chocolate !! I was soo happy. I havent even been out of the country for a month and I go insane when I see good chocolate. Hihihihi. I spent a good time there before I started working my way back to Union Station.
I stopped at a mall to get some food before I continued my way back. I was there at 6pm and then I went to stroll up and down the famous Olvera Street a few times.

I read a few magazines before Marco came to pick me up and we went to have Thai dinner before we continued on to his place. I was exhausted and so happy to finally be able to sleep :D


Other than that – Today was the LONG awaited Red Carpet Premiere for The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE – Only 6 days left for the general public to be able to see the new movie in theatres !!!

and see here as well:
(Gorgeous dresses)


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