Relaxing day – catching up on sleep

sunny.gifSunny, beautiful cloudfree day. The temperatures were in the +26C degrees. Nice and comfortable :D No clouds and blue sky.

Ok Im a bit embarrassed today. So what did I do? Well thats what I am embarrassed about. I woke up at 11:30 pm and spent some time catching up with myself. I had slept so long I felt I had cotton in my head. Juana (Marcos mom) cooked me breakfast and we had a long and great chat. Marcos newphew, Sean, drove me to Ross, a clothing store closeby where I got some clothes for my sisters. I walked home, taking pictures of flowers and enjoying the hot temperatures.
However this is the part Im embarrassed about… When I got home, I fell asleep again for another 5 hours :D Hehehehe. I spent the evening just catching up on emails and blogging until Marco got home.
Marco said:
PACK, We are going to VEGAS with my friend Chris !!!!


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