Sunrise in Las Vegas

sunny.gifSunny, beautiful cloudfree day. Temps in Vegas were 86 as we entered the city by dawn but got up to 95 within the time we left at 8:30 AM :D In Los Angeles it was about +26C degrees. No clouds and blue sky all the way.

So, when Marco came home with his friend Chris to tell me that we were going to Vegas I packed up really quickly and gathered together my blankets and pillows for sleeping in the car. They did come home just after midnight after all. Good thing I spent most of yesterday sleeping after all !!! :D
I gave it an honest try to sleep, but I rested more than I slept although I must have dozed off some during the trip. It was fun listening to the guys chatter too though :D We had quite a few stops along the way. We were all tired. At the Nevada stateline we stopped so Marco could get some sleep before continuing driving to Las Vegas.

As we got closer to Las Vegas the sky became a little bit lighter and sunset was upon us as we entered Sin City. It was gorgeous to see all the lights and the real deal of Vegas.

Marco was exhausted so he fell asleep in the car and Chris showed me around so that I could take pictures, get souvenirs and walk around. We even entered a few Casinos to look around. Not that I gambeled much. I did blow off 5 USD on a slot machine just to say that I played in Vegas, but I kept it low :D

It was amazing to see people in the streets at 8AM in the morning. Some drinking, some making out, some jogging and some just relaxing. Vegas is the city where it doesnt matter if its night or day. Its still full of life at any time.

Alex drove home. Marco slept in the back and I accompanied our driver in the front to assure he didnt fall asleep. It was a gorgeous trip throuh the Nevada desert. Truly beautiful with the Joshua trees and the other desert flowers and bushes.

We dropped of Chris at his place and went back to Marcos house where we had lunch before going to bed for another few hours.
In the afternoon Marco took me to Target and we picked up some food and other stuff I needed for my sister Ellens birthday (although that is pretty far away I know what Im giving her :D)

Considering the lack of sleep last night.. I called it an early night :D


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