Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

partlycloudy.gifIn the morning we had gorgeous sunny weather up in Granada Hills and we decided to go to the beach. On the other hand when we got closer towards the beach we realized that it was cloudy at the beach. No fun spoiled though as it was both warm enough and the sun popped out every now and then. The temperatures were in the +26C.

I woke up in good time. Not early, not late and had breakfast and watched a program about dangerous snakes in the Tropics and I had a nice talk with Juana before she left for church. Marco woke up and we watched the first part of the Argentina – Mexico game before we went to the Manhattan beach. It took us about 40 minutes to drive there.

The beach was fantastic. It was really nice and although the water was a bit cold, it was not cold enough to stay out of :D According to Marco I was in the water playing in the waves for over 2 hours. I did have a break in between. Now I have a nice tan . Or what Europeans like to call – The lobster look. Hopefully it will pass in a few days. :D

However the trip to the beach was great. I had so much fun playing in the water and I got a great workout as well as playing in the waves. Some of them were fierce and the currents from the different waves took all kinds of directions. I almost lost my bikini several times hehehe. So trying to keep balance in the water not only did I end up looking like a lobster, but I also have the pleasure of hurting all over my body after the workout. Hahaha Thankfully for the rest of the day we didnt have much planned but watching TV and chilling.
Nice night. While we watched new episodes of simpsons, family guy and then later criminal mind I also got to update and edit my latest pictures for you to view on my picasa albums.


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