Newport Beach, Balboa Island, Laguna Beach, Lunch at The Cliff and a birthdayparty.

cloudy.gifTemperatures were around +25C all day and it was cloudy all day. We just saw a few hints of sunglimpses today, but there is no reason to let that stop me from having a fantastic day!
Towards the nigthfall we had some light drizzling although not enough to call it rain.

Marco woke me up at 6 am as he had to go to work and drop me off at Union Station I had packed the only bag I needed for the 3 next weeks and I was ready with only a few minor adjustments. The rest of my luggage will wait for me in Marcos house until I get back to LA in 3 weeks.
At the Union Station I got tickets for the Metrolink train towards Oceanside, stop Fullerton and then I texted Vanessa to let her know I would be in Fullerton at 8:30am.
I was picked up at Fullerton Station and Vanessa and I headed to the AT&T store and refilled my pay as you go phone card.
After that we drove over to target and I got lots of stuff for my sisters like comforters, a lamp, curtains and clothes + some other stuff.

When we were done running errands in Fullerton we drove to Newport Beach where we took the ferry over to Balboa Island where we walked around. Newport beach is a gorgeous little place, with small beach houses and tiny cute stores.
Vanessa and I continued over to Laguna Beach where we had lunch at a gorgeous restaurant called The Cliff with a view to kill for.

I had a fantastic Halibaut meal and Vanessa had a Chicken Taco. For starters we had coconut shrimp with tropical sauce.
It was a lovely meal with great company!
After the lunch we went down to the beach to take pictures before we headed back to Newport Beach where we had a Frozen Banana covered in Chocolate before we headed back to Fullerton to drop me off at Alexandras place where Ill be staying for the next week :D
Vanessa left me there and I joined the Murcia crew knowing I would see my friend Vanessa again in 2 weeks.

As I arrived at Alexandras place and she told me we were going to her aunt (Lisa) and uncles (Chris) place to celebrate grandma Vickys 64th birthday. Thankfully I had brought a gift to her from Norway (not knowing it would be her birthday, but still came in handy today). I was also introduced to Alex’es friend Sarunas that was there with us.
It was nice seeing Chris, Lisa and their two girls Tori and Katie again (Thats where I stayed last thanksgiving when I visited Alex) again and Alex’es brother Nathan was also there.

We had gorgeous food and it was a great party. After dinner we played Wii and sang beatles songs before we played Catch Phrase :D
It was a lot of fun. A fantastic day !


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