The twilight saga ECLIPSE – World Premiere

partlycloudy.gifTemperatures were around +25C all day and it was cloudy most of the day. It cleared up around 2pm, and stayed nice after that.

When we woke up Alex and me drove over to Katie and Toris place where we pickecd up Katie and went to get tickets for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. Then we went to McDonalds to pick up food before the Spain / Portugal game that we saw at Katie and Toris place. Nathan went out biking.
Spain won 1-0 over Portugal and after the game we went shopping.
I got doorknobs for my new flat. All american style. Press the button and its locked and twist it and open. No keys demanded :D I got one for each door in the apartment !! I love them ! :D

Then we went to Bath and Bodyworks where I picked up some gifts for my Norway friends and some for me :D Ok. My luggage is going to be SOOOO heavy when i go home !!!!

I had a 3 hour powernap before we watched The Twilight Saga: NEW MOON to prepare for the release of ECLIPSE :D

Then we drove off to the theatres and we were let into the screening room to wait until it started.

The long wait was worth while ! I am sooo gonna see it again :D


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