Disneyland – Anaheim

partlycloudy.gifTodays weather was mostly great. Temperatures at +25C and some clouds. Nothing to complain over :D It was gorgeous sunny.

I woke up and I made me and Alex breakfast. We watched the football game in the morning and at 11:00 am Alexandra drove me to Disneyland and it is really close to where she lives.

She dropped me off and I went on for my own adventures.
I got the entrance to the Disneyland park with the possibility for upgrading to the 1-day parkhopper pass to enter California Adventureland if I finished off Disneyland in reasonable time. I even got my 1st visit button!! :D Today I feel just like a kid !

Now, click this link to see a map of Disneyland in pdf format. If you dont have adobe pdf viewer, click here

I walked up and down the mainstreet for a while, taking pictures, finding something to eat and just enjoying that its my first time to Disneyland.
After the main streets I entered Fantasyland where I had a ride in the Snow whites scary adventures carousel for the youngest :D (Oh yes. Im totally reliving my childhood years), then I took a ride with the Storybook land canal boats and ended it with the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire theathre before I took the monorail to the New Orleans square to visit the Pirates of the Caribbean section.
It was all decorataed with pearls and gold hanging down the buildings to make it attractive for the pirates :D Right next to it is Adventureland where I had to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure and the Jungle Cruise before I took the walkthrough Tarzans treehouse.
Indiana Jones is one of the best rides I took today ! It was sooo much fun and thanks to the single rider pass I got I was able to sneak through most of the queue. :D

Then I was off to Frontierland where I had to wait 50 minutes (Gosh that was boring) to take the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Thankfully I met some nice people in the line that I could speak with :D I also had dinner in Frontier land… Time flies when you are enjoying your day before I headed off to Tomorrowland and the Innoventions. At this time I started becoming really tired from walking in the sun all day among the huge amount of people that Im not normally surrounded by so I sought out of the crowd not to crash into people when walking to avoid them and guess what, I crashed my leg into a fence I couldnt see, so now I have a huge black mark on my leg. Well. whaddayaknow..I decided to sit down, get some water and relax after that. I was mainly done with Disneyland anyways and entered the Main street to get back to the entrance. It was already 6pm and I was done with most of my Disneyland experience and I was ready to cross over to California adventureland :D

Now, click this link to see a map of California Adventureland in pdf format. If you dont have adobe pdf viewer, click here
California Adventurland is a better park if you like more action. I was done being really childish and ready for grown up fun from now on.

California Adventureland
The first ride I went to was at the Golden State part of the park in the Condor Flats – Soaring over California. Mainly this is a 4D flight simulator that takes you over the mountains, the ocean and the lands of California and that sprays you with seabreeze when over the sea, orange blossoms when over the orange fields and a feel of cold when flying over the snow :D
It was really cool. A little girl rigth next to me was soo thrilled that it was just really fun because of her openly amused attitude.
After the Condor Flat flight I went to the Girzzly River Run. That was sooo amazing.. Leave it to the Norwegian to find water and get all wet all over where she goes. This was mainly a river run in small round boats. Each boat holds 8 passengers and the boats would spin so one would never know whom of the passengers would become wet as we drifted up and down the river. It was really good although, like I said, I did become all wet and it was already getting closer to nighttime so after the first time I decided not to get any further wet and just change into a t-shirt i had bougth earlier the same day :D

I also visited the Mission Tortilla factory, and the bakery tour + walked through the whole paradise pier (although i did not dare do the California screaming rollercoaster).
I was pretty exhausted at this point but I had to get at least the Hollywood Pictures backlot on my record before I went home.

When all done, Alex and Sarunas came to pick me up and that was really nice :D I was so exhausted by then. We went home and relaxed.
Early sleep and sweet dreams

For Pictures see here:


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