Relax and shopping

partlycloudy.gifTemperatures were around +25C all day and it was cloudy all morning, but it cleared up around 2pm, and stayed nice after that.

I woke up around midday. I dont know why, but I’ve been really tired lately. I dont even stay up that late. So, I slept in. Gosh was it great :D
Alex and grandpa had started watching the Ghana – Uruguay game and even though Im not all that into football (or as USAmericans like to call it – Soccer), I really enjoyed this game. It was a good game with lots of action. I was really happy for Uruguay to win the game, although I was really sad for Ghana as they were the last African team still in the championship.
It would have been soo good if Ghana would have reached further. Imagine the party if they would have won!

After the game Alex and I took grandpa to his doctors appointment and I went shopping at Anaheim Plaza while Alex waited for grandpa. I needed to get a new luggage for my stuff as I am bringing home some more than I came with… Lets just leave it at that :D tihi
I also got a new purse and a few more shorts – always in handy :D
When I was done shopping I met Alex and grandpa at Wendys where we had lunch and then Alex and I went to the Baldwins for a swim and enjoying the nice, warm weather :D
We also had dinner at the Baldwins and for dessert we went to pick up Sarunas. Tori came with us and we all got ice cream before we went home to watch TV and endulge in the lush of our ice cream. It was already late so when Alex drove Sarunas and Tori home i started packing to be ready for tomorrow.


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