Amtrak from Fullerton to San Diego

partlycloudy.gifWeather today was a bit better. The layer of clouds disappeared early and it was sun from clear sky most of the day. Temperatures reached a high +26C.

Alex left early for work and I got up to say good bye to her however went back to bed again. When I got up for the day I accompanied Grandma to a car dealer so that we could look for a car for Alex so Grandma could have her car back as thats the car Alex is currently using.

We went to a car dealer that was really nice and helpful (arent most sellers anyways?) and we testdrove two different Kia models. They were both great and grandma chose a red one for Alex. I liked it and I hope Alex will like it too. Starting the paperwork and the clarification for the credit check left us with time to go to the post office. Once done with that we checked in if the paperwork was done yet and when we realized it would still take time, we had to leave cause I was about to leave for San Diego.
We rushed home to get my luggage and I realized quickly I forgot to check the bathroom for stuff that I had forgotten but so be it. Alex and I will meet up later or something to get it back :D

We reached the train in time and I got a nice seat with oceanview. I got a return ticket right away. Its really not that expensive to travel San Diego Fullerton return. Just 68 USD. Quite reasonable if you ask me :D
The train ride took almost 2,5 hours and I enjoyed some quiet time with an ocean view and a moving landscape so that was great :D
Arriving San Diego I didnt realize that the train station was called the Santa Fe Depot – immediately I thought of re-boarding the train again? It would be stupid to hop of in the wrong city when I was going to be picked up in another one. Reason fought stupid and I asked someone else that hopped of the train and realized I was in the right city :D
Lisa, my friend Carissas friend, picked me up at the station in her white Mexican bug and we drove home to her place where Melissa and Brian was waiting. Immediately they all struck me as really nice people. We didnt stay long though before Lisa, Melissa and I took off to the airport to be welcome crew for Carissa. At the airport we met up with Carissas parents and greeted the lost child that returned home :D

We had dinner at Saritas tacos which were LOVELY (Yummy) and after that we went home to the Pecks family home, my home too for the next week where we chilled and hung out until bed time.


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