Starting work after the holidays

partlycloudy.gifWeather seems to have no intention of getting better any time soon and I find San Diego very cold compared to the other places I have visited during my trip here in the US. It was only +19C today and as the past week cloudy all morning and clearing up after 2pm. However it gets warm enough to be outside in the afternoon and thats nice :D

I started my first day working after the holidays today. However it was quite fascinating.
I spent most of the time in my room where I had a network cable and a good line to the modem – hence also a very good VPN connection to my work session which is always good. Working without interruptions is nice. During the day I felt 2 tiny tiny shakings that I wondered if may have been earthquakes.
There was nothing scary about them and they caused nothing but a feeling that the earth was shaking.

A good thing is that I have worked one day each week of my vacation – hence I dont have as many unattended emails. :D Thats always nice.

Carissa was working too so we didnt see each other until 4 pm when she got home, reading the news she confirmed we had had 2 minor earthquakes today. However. They are not really earthquakes, but after shocks from the big earthquake in Mexicali easter day. The biggest one today was 4,2 on richters at the episenter which probably didnt leave us with more than 2 or something.

For dinner Cindy (Carissas mom) made us all a delicious dinner that we had outside in the garden :D That was lovely. We relaxed with some TV and I went early to bed.


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