Cooking Norwegain food for Carissas family

partlycloudy.gifThe San Diego sky was covered in clouds until midday and it was quite cold outside until 2pm. Our maximum temperatures reached +22C. The afternoon was nice and cloudfree.

I spent the day working and in the afternoon I cooked dinner and dessert.
I made a very traditional dish; Lamb and cabbage stew a la Norwegiana (the so called Får-i-kål in Norwegian) and for dessert I had planned caramel pudding. However I had not planned how long a caramel pudding needs to be made in advance to be able to eat it as I have never made it from scratch before. Now I know though. Always make at least 1 day prior to use.

The preparations of the caramel pudding was easy enough and went fast enough, however what took time was the actual cooking of the pudding. It took so long. 3 hours? and then it needed cooling for several hours. However to my pleasure the Pecks liked my dish and after dinner we all relaxed watching TV together.


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