Family beachparty at La Jolla Shores and Earthquake

partlycloudy.gifAt Carissas House temperatures were around +22C tops but it was sunny and nice after midday. However The Pecks live inland and for the afternoon we participated a beach party at the La Jolla shores where it was a whole lot colder. Not only was it completely clouded but also a lot more humid and windy. The temperatures did not reach over +16C so we were all well dressed and trying to keep warm.

I spent the day working from my room again and I got to be efficient and got lots done. Thankfully. My workday ended quickly as time flew and i managed to keep myself busy without een noticing time. Suddenly it was 4 pm and Zach and Carissa came home from work and we all prepared to go to the beach for a family BBQ / gathering.

So the deal is that Zach has 6 sisters and they all meet at the beach each wednesday in the summer with families and friends.
They do picknicks and BBQs and enjoying being together with the family (I wish my family were all living closer so that we could do the same! )

I was told that I didnt have to learn any names because it ould be far to confusing to remember all the names when there would be so many new people, however I did an honest try to get to know them and to learn names. Im quite proud cause I still remember quite a few of them. On the pictures you will see that I have had some help and they all have names :D

As we were sitting down on the grass having our sandwiches we suddenly felt the earth shake. And yes it was an earthquake – or so-called after shock after the Mexicali earthquake (April 4th 2010). At the episenter todays quake was 5.7 and when it reached us it was very obvious that we had an earthquake. The shaking was like nothing I had experienced before, although it was neither strong nor scary at any point, however it was easy to know it was an earthquake. There was rumbling in the earth and all the people sitting on the grass noticed. It was over real quick and the people standing or walking didnt notice at all.

I also got time to take a walk on the beach and take pictures of the surfers and of the BBQ party participants.
The temperatures were not too comfortable at only +17 C, hence we left reasonably early because we were all cold. Me having showered before we left and been at the beach with somewhat wet hair wasn’t smart, and as we got home I got the first symtoms of sore throath and ears. Carissa had the same.

I got to bed early and during the night I got a fever and had problems sleeping because of my sore throath. I couldnt swallow and ears hurting I could only realize I got a quick backstabbing cold… Darn!


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