My first time at a Drive-In movie

partlycloudy.gifTemperatures today were nicer, we were up to +22C and the heavy cloud layer from yesterday disappeared after midday.

I set my alarm to 00:45 AM and went upstairs to work. We were having a meeting towards Norway that I had to participate to. Actually not only one but two meetings. Yesterday when I was sick I messed up the LAN port on my computer so it didnt work properly and the skype line wasnt all that good for the meetings, but it was better than not participating. When the meetings ended I was releived to be able to go to sleep !!! This was a tiny test that prooves that its going to be very difficult for me to fall into Norwegian time zone immediately.

I drank another theraflu tea before I went to bed and slept in. It was great. When I woke up I continued working to complete my work day and for lunch Carissas mom, Cindy, and I went to get Manicures and Pedicures :D That was sooo nice. 40usd for full pedicure, manicure and spa treatment !! Beat that. Hehehe. It felt so relaxing I almost fell asleep. So nice ! I loved it.
Then back to continue working before I had a nap to treat my flu again :D

For dinner Carissas sister Vanessa and bf Donnie came over and we had delicious home made Enchiladas :D YUMMY. That was really nice.

Tonights entertainment was the Movies Drive-In. A first for all and this was my first time to the drive-in. We went with Lisa, Melissa and Jamie and Rachel and Chubbs, all parked next to eachother.
First movie we saw was Twilight Eclipse that Carissa still hadnt seen.

Then we watched Letters to Juliet that was a lovely love story :D


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