San Diego – Seaport village

partlycloudy.gifToday has actually been on of the nicest days in San Diego yet. The sky cleared around 10am and the temperatures reach a high +25C even downtown and by the harbour. It was a lovely day.

When I woke up this morning, finally I felt better. We spent the morning resting and then Carissa and I left at 1 pm to get some photo-copies for her classes at the University.

Once we had gotten the photo copies, we went over to Lisa and Mels house to pick them up.

The plan for the day was to go downtown to look around :D We ended up in the San Diego Seaport Village.
It was really beautiful and we had cookies and ice-cream and walked around in the shops at the harbour.
We even found a scandinavian shop – so much for brining all the souvenirs as gifts to my friends – they can just go buy it themselves in the store … oh well :) Hehehe.

We also took lots of pictures and it was really nice to see some of downtown :D

After the visit to Seaport Village we went back to Lisa and Mels place and picked up Zachs truck before we went home.

Mel came with us and we had a pool party at Carissas house with Slurpees and Margaritas :D YAY.

I spent some time packing my suitcases as this is my last day in San Diego – time passes so fast its not even funny! before I went outside to join the girls again for some more of the party and then I went to sleep.


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